Even as a child, watching courtroom dramas with my mother and older sister, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up. But when I became an adult, I realized that my goal wasn’t to fight for people in a courtroom; I wanted to help them avoid the need to go to trial in the first place.

I became a transactional attorney helping business clients with contracts and other business needs, preparing documents that were clear and complete so that there would be no need to fight in court over what they meant. While working with my business clients, I learned that many businesses fail because owners didn’t have a succession plan for when they retired or died. To better serve my clients, I began to offer estate and business succession planning.

Eventually, I expanded my planning services from my business clients to families. I had seen in the lives of people close to me the problems that arose when someone died without an estate plan. Because of the way the law works, people without an estate plan often don’t have their wishes honored, and their families may be devastated. I wanted to do everything I could to help families have peace and the financial security they need after a loved one’s death.

As an estate planning and business attorney, I get to help people realize their goals and help them avoid trouble before it happens. I enjoy developing long-term relationships with my clients, so I can be there to assist them as their lives, families, and businesses change. I aim to be a trusted advisor for life.

I know that talking about an uncertain future can be difficult; I always approach these discussions with empathy and compassion, listening to my clients’ concerns first and foremost. My goal is to make sure every client is educated about their situation and their options so they can make informed decisions.

As a wife and mother of young children, I know how important it is to make a plan for your family’s future and the huge sense of relief you feel when you finally create a plan. I enjoy working with my clients to help them, and their families, feel more secure about whatever the future holds.